• It truly exposed us to the other India, the one we don’t see (read ‘aren’t shown’.) If there is one thing I learnt here, it is that we are not very different. It is the same heart that beats within.

    Rohit Koganti, IIT Chennai – Vikas bharati.

  • This period I will remember as it has given me insight on what is really meant by ‘holistic’ development of the society.

    Kanisk Jain, IIT Roorkee – Vikas bharati.

  • The joy and satisfaction evident on the faces of these people makes one realize that in donation or in social service, benefactors are more benefited compared to the beneficiaries.

    Jagrat Jariwala, SVNIT, Surat – Snehalaya.

  • Interning in this institute, lead to realization of the existence of altogether a new breed of individuals who in today’s world also live a major part of their life working for the betterment of others.

    Jagrat Jariwala, SVNIT, Surat – Snehalaya.

  • My premonition of a rehabilitation center was that the children and women would be moping around, sad and depressed. Instead, at Snehalaya the first thing that struck me was the positive energy.

    Sonal Lodha, SVNIT, Surat – Snehalaya.

  • (Anubhooti) Made me a bit more mature, enhanced my personality and is definitely a memory which will forever be cherished as long as I live.

    Sonal Lodha, SVNIT, Surat – Snehalaya

  • It was inspiring to see how the children were grateful for whatever they had despite the hardships and trauma they had faced.

    Nilesh Jain, IIT Guwahati – DRI

  • I was deeply moved by the involuntary service done by the people of DRI and it strengthens my will power to contribute something to the society which I live in.

    – Ragvendra Rao, NIT Warangal – DRI.

  • Life mein hum sab apno ke liye jeente hain,bt jara un logo ke liye bhi jiyo FROM THIS INTERNSHIP jinke saath-jis society mein hum rahte hain,and society mein change lane ki koshish karo,time lagega but change jarur ayega.

    Ranjeeth Gakhare, IIT Bombay – DRI

  • These days a student in private convent school is taught that wearing good clothes and putting a tie, a belt and an ID card is discipline. But living there among children has taught me that discipline is helping others, sharing others’ happiness and sorrows.

    Rohit Singla, IIT Guwahati – DPSM

  •  I do not know if I was able to motivate them but those beautiful kids had all the power to inspire me. I felt the surge of motivation in me.

    Rachit Sharma, DU Delhi, interned at Divya Prem Seva Mission

Sewa is considered to be an integral part of our “philosophy of life”. Taking inspiration from the words and works of Swami Vivekananda who said, “My God lives in the Masses", a number of people have dedicated their lives in service to this nation by serving its people. These Real Life Role Models have changed the lives of many people and have brought smiles in their face and peace in their life.